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Say BYE To Your Wedding Stress: Tips For You To Travel With Your Wedding Outfits

Say BYE To Your Wedding Stress: Tips For You To Travel With Your Wedding Outfits

Destination weddings are increasingly becoming popular amongst the new generation. The new age couples are looking for exotic and beautiful locations to tie the knot instead of going for the marriage venue in the city they live in. Planning a destination wedding is both exciting and challenging at the same time for couples. While the idea of having a destination wedding may sound to be too exciting, carrying all the heavy wedding outfits can be a real task. Even a single bridal lehenga seems too heavy to carry and when it is your dream wedding, you need to take multiple wedding outfits to the destination!

If this is what causing you stress, don’t worry! We are here with some amazing tips for you to travel with your wedding outfits.

Read on for some best tips and tricks to make your destination wedding a stress-free affair!!

Here’s How to Travel with Your Destination Wedding Dress

  1. Get Your Outfit Professionally Packed

How you pack an outfit determines its condition when the dress gets unpacked. Girls, we strongly recommend that you get your wedding outfit perfectly packed to ensure it reaches the destination in a perfect condition. In case packaging is not done properly, there are chances that your wedding outfit will reach the destination in a much worse condition. Don’t unpack the outfit post the final fittings.

  1. Invest In a Travel Garment Bag

Dear Brides, we strongly recommend you invest in a travel garment bag. It is one investment that you will be glad you made. Many retail stores sell garment bags designed especially for destination weddings. Garments bags ensure that your wedding dress fits perfectly inside without wrinkling during travel. Make sure you get a 66-inch or 72-inch size which is enough for holding a heavy wedding outfit.

  1. Never Ever Check In Your Wedding Outfit

Whatever may be the situation, avoid checking in your wedding outfit as luggage. In case of any mishap, there is always a risk of it getting lost which will leave you heartbroken. Always try to fly with your wedding outfit as carry-on luggage. In case the garment bag is large in size, consider asking the cabin crew to hang garment bags for the flight. Also, we suggest you label the bag containing the wedding outfit with your name, your contact number, and details of your wedding destination.

  1. Put the Wedding Outfit Flat Out While Travelling By Car

In case your wedding destination is not so far and you are planning to travel by car, the best thing that you can do is to place your wedding dress flat out on the back seat. Ensure that the temperature of the place where the bag is placed is okay. The cooler the place, the better!!

  1. Steam Iron Is a Must

Don’t forget to carry the steam iron while traveling with your wedding outfit. We strongly recommend steaming the wedding garment ahead of the celebration. You may find a steamer at your hotel too but it is always better to have one of your own to keep you on the safer side.

 Do you have any questions or suggestions regarding how to travel with your wedding dress? Please share in the comments below.
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