Nepali Wedding Dress

Nepal is not just about mountain peaks. Nepali clothing will charm you with richness of colors, coupled with exquisite embroidery makes it eye catching. While you Marvel at the mountain peaks we will surely entice you with beautiful Nepali traditional dress. We want you to adorn the fine Nepali dress and charm everyone, your dress must tell story about this glorious country and we will do every bit to ensure that.

The Sari

A very fine piece of cloth made with a lot of precision, craft and hard work. This Nepali cultural dress will add glitters to how you look. We offer a wide range of saris to choose from, it is only after you slip into one you realize how amazing it looks. A Quintessential Nepali Wedding Dress, Sari, never ceases to amaze its adorners and beholders. Sari has been in vogue for ages, and it will stay in fashion forever. We will ensure the perfection and the uniqueness of this cloth, we will incorporate every bit of your fancy into it.

Bridal wear

Bridal wear fused with the echo of culture and heritage. We make sure that you get your hands on the authentic Nepali bridal wear is customized to suit you in every possible way. Nepali wedding dress is crafted by experts to make your day memorable. Your charm will only intensify when you will wear our collection.

Daura Suruwal

Nepali traditional dress is incomplete without daura suruwal, this variant of kurta (upper wear) and suruwal (trouser) is flanked with beautiful designs and colors. Nepali daura suruwal is a must buy for anyone wanting an Asian cultural tinge. You can choose from the vast variety that we will offer.


Nepali clothing is an endless list and we are committed to providing you the most authentic dress possible. We keep reinventing and creating new designs to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Memories and culture of Nepal will reflect in the dress that you will wear, we go into the future and past simultaneously and bring the best designs into the present.