Philippines Traditional Dress

Filipino wedding dress

Filipino wedding dresses are one of the finest in the world. We make sure that the richness of Filipino traditions is reflected in your dress. The finesse of our craftsmen ensures that your clothing is a true representation of the person adorning, after all your attire should speak highly about you, your attire should define you and it should be true representation of your personality.

Barong Tagalog

We make the finest stitched piece of this exuberant Filipino traditional dress, with a tinge of our craft. Filipino wedding traditions are incomplete without barong tagalog and hence it is made with extreme care. Barong tagalog wedding attire must look astonishing and we take immense care in ensuring that. We have expert team of people who specialize in creating the kind of dress you fancy

Our Hues

It is important to retain traditions and it's important to embrace latest trends as well. We lace Filipino traditional clothing with hues of our ideas. We will take your ideas and infuse them into our ideas to deliver you the best. Understanding you and your demands is paramount to us, delivering you the best is our duty. While we make your dress we will make you our own with our work.

Stitched To Perfection

A beautiful design needs an equally perfect stitching, Filipino clothing or traditional Filipino clothing offers no room for error, and we understand how perfect and fit stitching needs to be. Our team of expert tailors ensures that the dress you receive does not need any alteration, a lot of people often complain about the errors in stitching and we understand the inconvenience it causes to the customers. We can assure you that when you will come back to us, it would be to buy a new dress and not to complain about the fault in the dress you bought recently.

Uniqueness is our forte; design once made is not repeated again. Thus you will always stay unique; the dress you adorn will not be available for anyone.